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Team members disengage for 5 key reasons – and your team becomes dysfunctional.

Team members give only minimal effort … and team dynamics become a distraction.

Average effort produces average results  … and the workplace becomes a source of stress and negativity.

Revenue, efficiency, quality, customer service and other business measures suffer – and team morale sinks.

Discover the Keys to Re-engage Your Team –
and Ignite Your Business Results

In “The 5 Real Reasons Your Team Is Not Engaged,” you’ll discover

  1. How fulfilling your primary responsibility as a leader of your company can backfire when it comes to employee engagement (tweak this, and you’ll inspire others to step up – and get a boost of energy yourself)
  2. The best approach for having tough conversations with your employees (If your team members get defensive when you offer constructive feedback, this one strategy will revolutionize the dynamics of your relationship – and entire team)
  3. How your grandmother’s wisdom can inspire your team to step up, deliver 100% and take the risks needed get your company to the next level. (Feel like you’re the driving force behind your team’s success? This is the key to getting your team to take more initiative … so you can finally get a break)
  4. The one area in which planning can actually hurt your efforts and make your team resistant to engaging with you. (You’ll get 4 simple questions to help ensure your planning effectively leads your company – and inspires your team to give their all in achieving the vision.)
  5. The most powerful shift to make if you want your team to adopt a new mindset and behaviors (As a bonus, this technique will help you feel more empowered, calm and in control.)
  6. The simple 4-part formula for becoming an inspired leader … and where most CEOs, business owners and leaders fail. (If you’re constantly looking for the next big idea to transform your team, it’s a clear cut sign that that you’re missing at least part of this formula.)

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. I won’t be asking you for a single dime. This special audio and workbook is completely free and customized to help you engage yourself and others! 

What You’ll Receive

“The 5 Real Reasons Your Team Is Not Engaged” is a 46-minute audio workshop. You’ll receive instant access to an mp3 recording, as well as a PDF transcript and companion workbook.

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